Black Board Vinyl

Black Board vinyl is an ideal way to decorate your childs room or your kitchen wall.

Easy to remove and clean.

This vinyl is a lot stronger and more robust than standard wall vinyl.

Create a fun activity in your child’s-play room with blackboard wall vinyl.

bboard vintage frame 2                                             bb armyboot
medium 560mm x 445mm R280.00                           medium 285mm x 300mm R95.00
Large 1120mm x 890mm R680.00                             Large 470mm x 500mm R190.00


bb armyguy                                                                  bb armyguys
small 300mm x 339mm R100.00                                    small 300mm x 339mm R100.00
Medium 400mm x 540mm R220.00                                medium 500mm x 561mm R240.00
Large 750mm x 1000mm R550.00                                 Large 1100mm x 1000mm R650.00


bbboard dotty                                                                        bbafrica
small 300mm x 300mm R120.00                                            small 275mm x 375mm R95.00
Medium 500mm x 500mm R250.00                                        medium 420mm x 500mm R170.00
large 750mm x 900mm R540.00